2023 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

Welcome to the 2023 KTM Super Duke GT Page – San Diego Edition!

Discover the ultimate sport touring motorcycle designed to conquer the stunning roads of San Diego and its surrounding areas – the 2023 KTM Super Duke GT. This extraordinary machine combines exhilarating performance, unmatched comfort, and advanced technology to enhance your riding experience like never before.

Power and Performance:

The 2023 KTM Super Duke GT is engineered to deliver an adrenaline rush on the roads of San Diego. Equipped with a formidable 1,301cc V-twin engine, this beast roars to life, unleashing impressive power and acceleration. Whether you’re exploring the scenic Pacific Coast Highway or taking on the winding mountain roads of Palomar Mountain, the Super Duke GT’s dynamic performance will leave you craving for more.

Perfect for San Diego’s Climate:

San Diego’s year-round pleasant weather calls for a motorcycle that can handle any condition, and the Super Duke GT rises to the occasion. With adjustable windscreen, optimal wind protection is ensured during coastal rides. The bike’s powerful engine and advanced cooling system are designed to handle the warm temperatures, allowing you to enjoy the thrilling performance without overheating.

Technology for the Modern Rider:

The Super Duke GT is equipped with advanced technology that seamlessly integrates into your riding experience. The state-of-the-art TFT display provides real-time information, including navigation, speed, gear position, and more, ensuring you stay informed while keeping your eyes on the road. With smartphone connectivity, you can access your favorite apps and stay connected, even while exploring the San Diego backcountry.

Comfort for Long Rides:
San Diego and its surrounding areas are known for their scenic beauty, inviting you to embark on long rides and explore the diverse landscapes. The Super Duke GT offers a comfortable and ergonomic riding position that reduces fatigue during extended journeys. The adjustable windscreen allows you to customize the airflow for maximum comfort, while the heated grips ensure your hands stay warm on cooler coastal rides.

San Diego Adventures Made Easy:

The Super Duke GT is not only built for thrilling rides but also for practicality. With its spacious panniers, you can easily carry your gear and essentials for day trips to iconic locations like Balboa Park, Julian, or the Anza-Borrego Desert. The bike’s fuel efficiency allows you to cover long distances without the need for frequent refueling, giving you the freedom to explore San Diego’s breathtaking scenery to the fullest.

Safety and Control:

KTM’s commitment to safety is reflected in the Super Duke GT’s advanced rider aids. The motorcycle features traction control, cornering ABS, and multiple riding modes that adapt to different road conditions, providing you with optimal control and confidence as you navigate San Diego’s challenging roads. With its exceptional handling and precise braking, the Super Duke GT ensures you’re always in command of your ride.

Get ready to experience San Diego like never before with the 2023 KTM Super Duke GT. This remarkable machine combines power, comfort, and advanced technology to make your two-wheeled adventures in San Diego and its surrounding areas unforgettable. Embrace the thrill, conquer the roads, and create lasting memories aboard the Super Duke GT.

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