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2023 HONDA


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San Diego Honda Motorcycle Dealer

Poway Powersports is San Diego Countys newest Honda motorcycle, scooter, utv, sxs, & atv dealer. We service all of San Diego county.

Honda Sport Bikes In San Diego

Motorcycling is an active sport—and a sportbike is a perfect example. Designed to provide a direct connection between rider and machine, it puts you in control. But a good sportbike is much, much more. It needs to offer both performance and ridability, along with power and reliability, plus suspension that gives you direct feedback while still remaining comfortable. Honda sportbikes have long been benchmark machines in their field, from our legendary CB750K0 to the models we offer today.
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Honda Cruisers In San Diego

America is the home of the cruiser-class motorcycle, and they’re a great choice—especially a Honda. They offer low seat heights, wide, user-friendly powerbands, a comfortable riding position, and a cool factor that’s off the chart. Want a classic look? We have plenty of those. After something more modern? We have you covered. And best of all, Honda offers a full range of sizes, from entry-level bikes to long, low, lean machines designed to cruise in comfort from coast to coast. All that, plus the quality and dependability you only get from Honda.
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Honda Adventure Bikes In San Diego

Over every hill, and around every corner, there’s a story waiting to be discovered. And our lineup of adventure bikes is conceived, designed and built to help you chase down the greatest tales, one by one. From our CRF250L, all the way to our new Africa Twin Adventure Sports, you’ll find an adventure model loaded with reliability, innovation, quality and capability to get you on the path you seek. So let’s get started on your next great adventure.
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Honda Touring Bikes In San Diego

Honda touring bikes have something for everyone: Our top-of-the-line Gold Wing has defined the state of the motorcycle touring art for over four decades. And we have plenty of other offerings too, from luxury to more sport-oriented to boulevard styling. Wherever you want to ride, we have the perfect bike for you.
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Honda Standard Bikes In San Diego

At Honda, we build a lot of specialized machines. Competition dirtbikes that take podiums around the world. Supersports that push limits on the track. And then we have a set of motorcycles engineered to deliver the purest form of riding joy. From the Monkey to the CB1100, these bikes are mobile works of art, performing seamlessly. Inspiring exploration. And fueling a sense of fun in everyone who throws a leg over the saddle.
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Honda Dual Sport Bikes In San Diego

Whether you’re trekking through the concrete canyons of the city or exploring remote mountain passes, every minute is an adventure waiting to happen. That’s why our dual-sport bikes are a versatile combination of rugged, terrain-swallowing action hero and comfortable, smooth-handling long-distance runner. Ready for a change of scenery?
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Honda Motorcross Bikes In San Diego

Humans love to perform at a high level. We love competition. Who can run the fastest. Which team can score the most. And when it comes to powersports, the competition is fierce. Motocross, enduro, GNCC, hare and hounds, desert racing, or just riding with your pals and seeing who can get to the top of that hill first. This year Honda’s CRF performance lineup is stronger than ever, with new bikes, new features, and one overriding goal: Winning.
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Honda Trail Bikes In San Diego

There’s no shortage of digital distractions these days. Between gaming and social media, there are plenty of reasons to plug in, and unplug from true interaction. So before your family gets lost in the virtual world, show them the real world on Honda’s family of rugged, reliable CRF/Fs. Designed for riders at every level, the CRF/F series is ideal for exploring the back-country, the dunes and everything in between.
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Honda Scooters In San Diego

Bicycles, skateboards, taxis, the bus. We all have someplace to go, and we all need a way to get there. And until you can order up your own private self-flying hovercraft, the most fun, most practical, most economical way to get around is on a Honda Scooter.
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Honda Sport/Utility ATVs In San Diego

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than on a Honda sport ATV? Our models are super rider friendly—not only fun when you’re in the saddle, but packed with low-maintenance features so you don’t have to pay for your hours on the trail with hours in the garage. Features like push-button electric starters, the no-stall Honda SportClutch™ on our TRX250X and a no-clutch semi-automatic transmission on the TRX90X all team up with Honda’s world-famous build quality and reputation for reliability. The result? A pair of sport ATVs you won’t want to stop riding.
Sure, they’re rugged and reliable, but Honda Rec/Utility ATVs are also built to make your life easier, whether you’re working the back 40 or your favorite trail, and we achieve this with some of the most revolutionary technology in the industry. Like Electric Power Steering, designed with torque and speed sensors to reduce steering effort (and rider fatigue) when the going gets tough. Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) that allows both rear wheels to move independently, helping you maintain traction and control even in rough terrain.
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Honda UTVs In San Diego

Our Pioneer side-by-sides help you get the most out of every riding experience. From our 500-class all the way to our 1000s, you’ll find smart design, reliable performance, standard-setting technology and unmatched quality. We’re proud to have these vehicles carry the Honda badge. Look around here and you’ll see why.
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